Let's talk wedding budgets!

We really wish their was a magic wedding fairy that could make all of our client’s bridal dreams come true and with a flick of her glittery wand the dream, Pinterest wedding just appeared in a puff of pink dust. But sadly, we are still searching for that bridal fairy Godmother.

The reality is, we live in a world of budgets. And while we LOVE weddings, and have made a beautiful career around them, we also don’t think you should be living off of ramen + water for the next 12 months to get the wedding you desire.

Now, if you have a large budget and can afford everything you ever hoped for on your wedding day, more power to you! That’s amazing. But if there are a few places you wish to make cuts–we can help you out!

Do you have other ways you cut your wedding costs? We would love for you to share to help out our amazing brides. Comment, share, spread the love!