You may think that a wedding DJ is someone who just plays the music at your reception and their goal is to make your dance floor more epic than a Beyonce VIP party–but the truth is they hold a lot more power than you think.

Your DJ should understand their vital role in your wedding photography and videography. You should always hire a knowledgeable DJ who is familiar with the flow of wedding day and works well with all of your vendors. If not, your photos and video could be at risk.

Here are a few key things your DJ should know:

1. Not to set microphones on the head table or hand them out without telling the photo + video team. This is especially important for video! If a speech starts, and your videographer wasn’t told, part of that speech will not be documented. There is no reliving that hilarious intro from your best-man or heartfelt moment from the bride’s father.

DJ’s should always store microphones at their booth and make sure the photo + video team is ready and in place to capture speeches.

2. Grand march + cake cutting + bouquet/garter toss etiquette. Same as speeches, if the grand march/cake cutting/tosses begin without the photo + video team knowing, you will miss crucial moments. Maybe even the whole thing all together! Some of these moments are the best for candids––you'll want them documented in all of their glory.

3. Their audience. Your DJ should be able to read the crowd and play music that gets your dance floor going and create excitement, while still respecting your preference in music. There is nothing you want less than photos of an empty dance floor!

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 2.58.28 AM.png

4. Lighting. Experienced DJ’s know the effects their lighting can have on photo and video. The best DJ’s we have worked with bring this up before we even get a chance–it’s so refreshing! They say they will keep their lasers and more intense lighting off during first dances. Do you really want photos of your first dance as husband and wife or with your parents to have red and blue neon streaks across your face? Don't think so!

5. Clients always comes first. This goes for all vendors. You want to hire a DJ that has your best interest at heart. That means providing you with the best photos, video, AND entertainment. So if they have to share outlets, adjust their traditional ways of doing things, or anything else that may be a slight inconvenience, they do it so they can insure you get the best results from all vendors. You should look for a “we are all in this together” mentality in a DJ and always looking to give the bride and groom the best results possible.

We hope that these tips help you in your DJ selection. Make sure to pass this along to any brides and grooms so they can avoid these DJ disasters!