Mike + Heather, here. We are the owners of Better Together Photography!

In 2017, we shot several weddings together as each other's assistants and every client had the same thing to say, “You two work amazing together––you have to start a business––or at least date!”

So, we did all of the above. We both dropped our separate businesses that we had each been building on our own for a decade, combined forces, and haven't looked back since.

Mike’s technical and tactical approach matches perfectly with Heather’s creative shooting and laid-back communication style. But the best way to explain our dynamic is what we hear time and time again from family, friends, and clients....we are just "BETTER TOGETHER!"

We welcomed our sweet son into this world in July 2019 and he is the light of our lives. We are bonfire dwellers and podcast junkies. We have seen Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy more times than we'd like to admit. If you came to our home unannounced you would most likely catch us randomly dancing in the kitchen, raiding the fridge, or on our computers editing away...while simultaneously messaging hilarious YouTube videos back and forth from the same room. We are total goofballs and tease each other often. Our clients are like our family and our friends are our biggest cheerleaders. Every day we tell each other how blessed we are to live this life and we really do count our blessings every step along the way.

But let's call this what it is...we are coworkers who get to cuddle and make out after hours. How lucky are WE?!


01. Pretty sure ___ runs through my veins.

Mike: Coffee

Heather: Avacodo

02. My celebrity spirit animal is ___

Mike: "What's a spirit animal?"

Heather: Lauren Conrad

03. Next on the travel bucket list, ___

Mike: Indonesia

Heather: Italy

04. You can never have too many ___

Mike: Black t-shirts

Heather: Hobbies (and cute coffe mugs)

05. Our next home must be within 1 mile of ___

Mike: Bel Aire Cantina

Heather: Target

06. Catch me cheersing with a ___

Mike: IPA

Heather: Moscow Mule

07. Beyond photography, I want to ___

Mike: Travel the world

Heather: Become a motivational speaker

08. Currently binging on ___

Mike: TED Talks

Heather: Health Podcasts

09. On my days off, you can find me ___

Mike: Flying my drone, kayaking, boating & fishing

Heather: Cooking, writing, brunching with my girls

10. My favorite things about my babe are ___

Mike: Her ladyboss attitude, giving spirit & beautiful smile

Heather: His amazing ability to love so deeply, his patience, his handy man-ness & that beard!


OUR Favorite Things

OUR Favorite Things


When we aren’t capturing photo or video––or editing until the wee hours of the morning––we love cooking healthy meals together, entertaining for our friends and family, escaping to the Northern woods, and daydreaming about the day will buy a puppy!
 We also love… 

01 / bonfires

02 / travel

03 / lake life

04 / movie nights

05 / being foodies


06 / random dancing