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Mommy Knows Best is made by moms, for moms. MKB was created to help mother's in their first year with all of the unique needs and challenges that come with year one of motherhood! Everything from breastfeeding support to hair + skin care.

The Mommy Knows Best Brand provides an assortment of lactation supplements containing all natural herbal remedies, traditionally and effectively used for generations to treat low milk supply. Whether a momma is looking to exclusively breastfeed or supplement with formula, Mommy Knows Best provides several options.

Brand Highlight

The look and feel of Mommy Knows Best is all about momma and baby! Showcasing real moms, real babies, the real struggles, real stories, real moments, and also a dash of humor. On social media MKB is all about building a community for new moms. So we really wanted to be able to show real-life scenarios while shooting in home settings––where most new mother's spend most of their time with their newborns.

We focused on all different aspects of the brand by featuring different products with mom + baby, products on their own, mom + baby moments together, and other fun instagram worthy content. We incorporated different scenes and areas of movement to create candid, realistic mommy + baby moments that tell a story.

BRAND HIGHLIGHT: TNT Pro Series | Fitness

BRAND HIGHLIGHT: TNT Pro Series | Fitness


TNT Pro Series is an Illinois based fitness brand founded in 2014 with the purpose to create the highest quality premium fitness gear available. TNT has since evolved to grow into the leading fitness brand for heat generating apparel for athletes and exercise enthusiasts of all levels. 

The innovative technology behind TNT Pro Series was designed to increase the body's calorie burning metabolism by elevating the heat produced in the body using a special heat generating Neoprene rubber, which is best known for its ability to keep the body warm. This helps trap body heat which in turn increases core body temperature. By increasing the body’s core temperature, the wearer is able to create a thermogenic environment in their body which helps to burn more calories in less time.

TNT Pro Series is all about fitness motivation. The goal for their sessions are to appeal to potential clients who want to drop weight faster, build muscle quicker, and burn calories faster. They want to show that these products make you sweat!

The mood is very sexy, intesnse, and makes their audience want to take their fitness to the next level.

TNT Pro Series Mood Board

BRAND HIGHLIGHT: Brooklyn Five | Chicago, Illinois


BRAND HIGHLIGHT: Brooklyn Five | Chicago, Illinois

Brooklyn Five is a Curated Conscious Collection of Athleisure and everyday wear that you can take from the studio to the street and back again.

Each unique piece is hand-selected from top designers across The U.S. that use premium fabrics  and technology to keep you feeling ready to take on the world one outfit at a time. We
focus on providing timeless, fashionable pieces that can complement and enhance your current style.

rooklyn Five is all about giving back! Each piece purchased provides support to our sister
charity organization Five For Fitness ( which sponsors underprivileged
single mothers in their pursuit of establishing healthy routines by providing access to fitness
classes at partner studios, providing advice on styling and wellness, and offering simple life
coaching and skills to better their situation and therefore the situation of the next generation.

“Brooklyn embodies the kind of woman that I want to inspire and empower others to be.
She is strong, fearless, independent and confident– yet kind, graceful and approachable.
She does not “compete” with other women –she inspires them and empowers them to be the
best version of themselves. It is a cycle.”


The goal for all of our client's branding sessions was to keep the mood board in mind in regards to colors and vibes of the models. The mindset during each shoot was, "Strong, empowering, and kick-ass women." We selected a handful of models from our personal database and had our client approve each before the session. Model selection is extremely important for branding! We practiced many dynamic posing to create movement and authenticity in the images. The goal is to make clients scroll through their social media feed and uncontrollably top the moment they see a model in Brooklyn Five clothing...and we definitely accomplished that goal!

We also added in several flatlays for Instagram and created catwalk videos for the website to show the movement of the clothing in real time.

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