About the brand

Mommy Knows Best is made by moms, for moms. MKB was created to help mother's in their first year with all of the unique needs and challenges that come with year one of motherhood! Everything from breastfeeding support to hair + skin care.

The Mommy Knows Best Brand provides an assortment of lactation supplements containing all natural herbal remedies, traditionally and effectively used for generations to treat low milk supply. Whether a momma is looking to exclusively breastfeed or supplement with formula, Mommy Knows Best provides several options.

Brand Highlight

The look and feel of Mommy Knows Best is all about momma and baby! Showcasing real moms, real babies, the real struggles, real stories, real moments, and also a dash of humor. On social media MKB is all about building a community for new moms. So we really wanted to be able to show real-life scenarios while shooting in home settings––where most new mother's spend most of their time with their newborns.

We focused on all different aspects of the brand by featuring different products with mom + baby, products on their own, mom + baby moments together, and other fun instagram worthy content. We incorporated different scenes and areas of movement to create candid, realistic mommy + baby moments that tell a story.